Why should I be grateful?

There are so many benefits to a gratitude journal both physical and emotional and it doesnt take much effort.

The main benefit is that 'Like attracts Like' so while you are spending time thinking about all the great things that are in your life and what you enjoy/like about them, you invite more positivity and joy into your everyday life.

Also by focusing out attention on out positivity it leaves less time/mind energy for negative thoughts, this means less stress and more calm in our lives.

If negative thoughts do sneak into our minds, by spending time expressing our gratitudes we can gain perspective on how many great things we do have in our lives and how abundant we really are. This will train our minds to focus on the positive thoughts and decrease negativity in the future.

Studies show that gratitude journaling improves physical and emotional symptoms as people who express their gratitude, experience less aches and pains as well as reduced depression symptoms and increased happiness.

You can choose when the best time for you to fill in your gratitudes but if you choose night time you will benefit from an increased feeling of calm which will help sleep or by choosing morning you can help set the intention for a more positive day attracting more postitive experiences!

Our platform is designed to help keep a modern day, paperless, easy to access, portable gratitude journal. We want to make it easy for you all to reap all the benefits that having a gratitude attitude has to offer.

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